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Established    in   2002  in   response   to  the   expansion  of   Wuhan Hongguang frequency Technology   Research   Institute,   one of  the   earliest   enterprises   engaged    in research, manufacture and sale of frequency products in China, Wuhan Sunncom Technology Co,. Ltd now has grown to a full-fledged entity and a leading supplier of frequency products not only for educational instructions  but  for    entertainment,   communications and  IT   applications. Our cutting-edge products include SAW filter/resonator, quartz crystal resonators, oscillator, and crystal filter, ceramic resonators and filter.Each frequency product is designed and built to perform to customer   specifications   for  electrical characteristics,    reliability   and   resistance to hostile environments.

Backed with the strong R&D capabilities   of Wuhan  Hongguang,  we are able to serve your diversified needs just right with our innovative products of high performance and rich features. In addition to a large domestic market share, Sunncom has built a worldwide sales   network, selling products to   Europe,  America,  South America  and  other regions  around the world.
Our mission is to do everything possible to meet our customers'   needs and  to  exceed their expectations. It is our integrity and genuine concern for   customer's  needs that set us   apart from all other companies. All   the  companies  interested in   establishing  long-term business relationship with us are welcome to find maximum satisfaction with our products and service.

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