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 Established in 2002 in response to the expansion of Wuhan Hongguang frequency Technology Research Institute, one of the earliest enterprises engaged in research, manufacture and sale of frequency products in China, Wuhan Sunncom Technology Co,. Ltd now has grown to a full-fledged entity          More>>
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Product Package
HC-49U SMD Product ID : 49U SMD Weight :
Product Name : HC-49U SMD Frenquency range : 1--200MHz
Type : SMD Mimimum Order :
Dimension : Datasheet :
Size : 13.4X4.65X11.05mm  
Details :
Low cost Throu-Hole package Multiple Package Heights Surface Mount Lead Forming Application: Digital TV, Color TV, Audio-Visual Automotive Electronics Office Equipment Set Top Box
CATV Channel Filter
CATV Channel Filter Product ID : SAW filter Weight :
Product Name : CATV Channel Filter Frenquency range : Special
Type : DIP Mimimum Order : 100
Dimension : SAW filter Datasheet :
Size :  
Details :
SAW CATV Channel Filters for PAL System Package: NDW-4, TO-39 Sample Picture: NDW-4
Band pass filter
Band pass filter Product ID : Band pass Weight :
Product Name : Band pass filter Frenquency range : 1090/1220MHz
Type : SMD Mimimum Order : 1000
Dimension : band pass Datasheet :
Size :  
Details :
SAW Bandpass Filters for Dual Conversion Turners Package: QCC8B
IF filter
IF filter Product ID : IF-SAW filter Weight :
Product Name : IF filter Frenquency range : See PDF
Type : DIP/SMD Mimimum Order : 1000
Dimension : IF Datasheet :
Size : 7.0*5.0*1.5mm  
Details :
SAW IF Filters for Communication Equipment Package: SMD13.3×6.5, DIP3512, SMD7×5, QCC8C, QCC8B, DCC6, DCC6C, QCC8D. Sample Picture: QCC8D
Front End filter
Front End filter Product ID : Front End filter Weight :
Product Name : Front End filter Frenquency range :
Type : SMD/CAN/ Plastic Mimimum Order : 1000
Dimension : Datasheet :
Size :  
Details :
Front End filter For Automotive Electronics & Remote Control Product Package:TO-39, QCC8C, DCC6, F-11, QCC8B, DCC6C. Sample Picture:DCC6C  
HC-49S Product ID : HC-49S Weight :
Product Name : HC-49S Frenquency range : 3.2~110MHz
Type : DIP Mimimum Order : 1000
Dimension : HC-49S Datasheet :
Size : 11.5X3.8X3.0mm  
Details :
Height options available Low cost Excellent aging Superior and reliable performance in harsh enviroment Wide operating temperature range:-40℃~+125℃

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